Houston Texas Tourism: Top Attractions

Houston Texas Tourism: Top Attractions

Houston Texas is one of the largest cities in the US, and a popular tourist destination. Check out some of the top attractions driving the city’s tourism.

Houston Livestock And Rodeo

The Livestock and Rodeo show tops of the list of Houston’s top attractions due to the fact that it showcases the life and blood of this great city. The 19-day annual event is held in March or April; and marks the best time to be in the city.

Apart from the cowboy and livestock shows, you can expect to enjoy a variety of other fun activities including concerts, games and carnival rides. There are numerous food stands around to ensure that visitors stay energized throughout the excitement.

Space Center Houston

This is the official visitor center for the Johnson Space Center. The multi-structure complex houses a number of impressive exhibits including a replica of the space shuttle Independence. Visitors can also check out a replica of the first US space station named SkyLab. While at it, be sure to touch a rock from the moon. All this comes with the added bonus of possibly meeting an astronaut as well.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Houston is large city, however it still has a good number of green spaces where residents can get some fresh air and enjoy relaxing outdoor surroundings; the most popular one being Buffalo Bayou Park. This expansive park covers a whopping 160 acres of land and water right in the middle of the city.

Fun activities you can engage in while there include kayaking and biking. You can also rest under one of the many shady areas around.

Houston Zoo

Featuring about six thousand animal exhibits, made up of both indigenous and exotic species, the Houston Zoo is a must visit. The zoo houses an education center, children’s zoo and aquarium, making it an attractive prospect for just about everyone.

The Museum District

Houston is a city full of culture; and the museum district is a perfect example of this. This part of the city is littered with a variety of museums, within walking distance of each other, all featuring exhibits from different areas of focus.

Some of the most popular museums in the district include the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Contemporary Arts Museum and the Children’s Museum among others.


To top it all off, the city of Houston is famed for its culinary offering. Visitors can take part in food tours or simply check out different establishments on their own.

Houston is home to the above attractions and many more; it’s not hard to see why tourists flock to this city year in year out.

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